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The day our family grew

When we bought our farm, we knew we would spend our 'happily ever after' making it into a home. What we didn't expect, was that a single oak tree nestled amongst the brush would become a turning point in our story.  


Our daughter and her now-husband made a tradition of walking to that big oak tree, to talk about their hopes and dreams. One day, he got on one knee beneath it and asked her to marry him. 

When they asked if they could get married at the farm, we thought they were crazy. But we got to work anyway. Hand in hand, our family built this venue from the ground up. And on their wedding day, beneath the shade of that big oak tree, we got to watch our first baby's happily ever after begin. 

We cherish the love this oak grove has brought to our family. It is our privilege to honor it by sharing that love with you. May this be the start to all of your happily ever afters. 

Rob and Wim 

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